Welcome to My POP Talk!

Hey Professor Pop Squad! Welcome to all of my Day 1 friends and sending a big heyyyyy to my new friends! No matter how long you’ve “popped” with me I’m excited you’re here on this journey with me! If we haven’t met, I’m Jas, The Popcorn Professor!

Beyond popping corn, I’m a woman first, a mom, a full time educator, a full-time student (help!), a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., and simply a lover of life. 

I was asked the other day, how did you come up with the name “The Popcorn Professor”? (Truth be told, my significant other proposed the name “Professor Popcorn” but I wasn’t sold. Switched the words, added “The” and BAM! .. TPP was born😂) But honestly, I never truly thought about the name’s significance and how it embodied my life experiences and values. 

If you’ve ever seen Popcorn made, you know that it simply begins with a small kernel. Once the kernel experiences heat and pressure it bursts and becomes larger than before and lighter than before. Before you know it, almost all the kernels around it pop larger and lighter as well! That was me. And in some cases that may be you. Throughout life, we experience situations or people that cause us to ignite the fire within, break out of our shells and positively impact the next person without even knowing our level of impact or influence.

That life experience for me was education. That’s another story for another day BUT it’s because of education I have the courage and mission to help others break out of their shells and become a light not only for themselves but for those they encounter. (Hence the reason I enjoy education!) You never know when it’s your turn to pop but when it comes you’ll be ready and I challenge you to assist others to “pop” along the way!🍿